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Halls Gap, the heart of the majestic Grampians National Park, one of Victoria’s most stunning natural features, is again playing host to the annual “Run The Gap” event on Sunday May 26 2019. Participants can complete a scenic 6km walk/run along Fyans Creek trail, run 12km including a lap across the wall at stunning Lake Bellfield, or test themselves in the 21km trail run.

All proceeds go to the RTG community projects to enhance bike / walk paths. Plus $1 from each registration is donated to the "Grampians Walking Tracks Support Group” assisting to maintain Grampians National Park trails.

Entry Prices

6km Run/Walk & 12km Run Early Late On Day
Adults $32 $35 $42
Children Under 15 $22 $25 $32
Concession* $27 $30 $37
Family - 2 Adults & 3 Children $80 $90 $95
Family - 2 Adults & 2 Children $75 $85 $90
Family - 2 Adults & 1 Child $70 $80 $85
21km Trail Run      
Adults $50 $60 N/A

*Full-time student or health care cardholder

Early entries close 5pm, May 10.
Online/Late entries close at 9am the Friday prior to the event.
On day entries open at 7am from Halls Gap Centenary Hall on event day.
No refunds. No dogs / bikes / rollerblades / scooters.

Event Inclusions: Clearly marked scenic course with varied terrain; electronic chip timing that records your time as you cross the finish line; complimentary barbeque brunch provided by the Halls Gap Community Group; medals to overall placegetters in the run events and to all children participating; the opportunity to win one of many spot prizes; two free trial issues of Runner's World Magazine; and first aid assistance, if required. All proceeds go towards the enhancement of the walk/bike paths and leisure areas in Halls Gap through to Lake Bellfield.

Event T-shirts: These high-performance garments are subsidised by 2XU and can be ordered online at a cost of $25 and collected at the event. An additional number of t-shirts will also be available for purchase when registering on event day

Course Map

Courses: The 6km run will follow the walking path from the parklands to Tandara Road, crossing the creek and picking up the Fyans Creek Trail to Brambuk Aboriginal Cultural Centre and returning along the walking/bike path.

The 12km run will continue from Fyans Creek Trail behind Brambuk and follow varied terrain through to Tymna Drive up to Lake Bellfield (for a lap of the wall) and return via the walking/bike path. The 12K & 6K courses will be clearly marked with cones, kilometre markers plus a lead bike. Please listen to instructions given by course marshals. For your own safety, ensure you eat and drink adequately before the event.

The 21km course is a great introduction to competitive trail running, with a combination of meandering fire trail, steep and technical single track climbs/descents and stunning scenery. Road runners, trail runners both experienced and new will find the variety and diversity of the course rewarding and a worthy challenge. A FAQ sheet and map is provided through registrations when signing up.

You will find varying terrain with sandy tracks, sandstone rocks and perhaps even mud, with one major climb and further undulations in the second half. You are likely to see or hear kangaroos, emus and other wildlife, and the views across to Mt. Rosea, the Pinnacle and down onto Lake Bellfield make it all worthwhile. Runners find the run a challenging, but rewarding experience.

Early Registrations close May 10.

  • 6km Walk
  • 6km Run
  • 12k Run
  • 21k Run

21km Trail Run

The 21km course is a great introduction to competitive trail running, with a combination of meandering fire trail, steep and technical single track climbs/descents and stunning scenery. Road runners, trail runners both experienced and new will find the variety and diversity of the course rewarding and a worthy challenge. A FAQ sheet and map is provided through registrations when signing up.

Carrying own food, gel, compression bandage and device for carrying at least 500ml of fluids is strongly recommended (Camelbak, Fuelbelt, handheld bottles). Fuel / Aid stations may be up to 10km apart.

Elevation Map

Min, Avg, Max Elevation: 226, 304, 539m
Range Totals: Distance 21.4km
Elevation gain/Loss:662m, -663m
Max Slope: 32.0%, -23.8%
Avg Slope: 6.0%, -6.0%

The Grampians

The mountains of the Grampians (Gariwerd) can be seen far across the west of Victoria, and all who come to visit, are in awe of their majestic beauty. Halls Gap is located in the very heart of the breathtaking Grampians National Park and provides the inspirational base for exploring the region.

Halls Gap is the perfect tourist village with bed and breakfast or self contained units, group accommodation, cottages, holiday houses, caravan parks and tourist parks plus backpackers. To read more and choose the level of accommodation to suit your needs visit

Getting There

Halls Gap is 3 hours from Melbourne; 5.3 hours from Adelaide; and 4 hours from Apollo Bay. The village is just 20 minutes from Stawell (home of the Stawell Gift and off the Western Highway) where you can access a daily local bus service to Halls Gap if you are travelling here via public transport. Halls Gap is also within 45 minutes of Horsham and Ararat - the destination of bus and train travel from Melbourne and Adelaide.

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Things To Do

There are more than 160 kilometres of walking tracks - ranging from short, easy walks to challenging overnight expeditions. Walking in the Grampians allows you to discover a variety of super, impressive panoramas, for instance Boroka Lookout and the Balconies, spectacular waterfalls such as the famous McKenzie Falls, and secluded bush settings, rugged rock formations, aboriginal rock art sites and fern gullies.

Further information on walking, camping or touring in the National Park is available from the Visitor Information Centre, Grampians Road (main street) of Halls Gap (Phone: 1800 065 599) or Brambuk, the National Park and Cultural Centre located in Halls Gap (Phone: 13 19 63).

In addition to the great bush walking opportunities, there is much more to see and do during your visit to the region and all within easy distance. Go abseiling, rock climbing, canoeing or mountain bike riding, play adventure mini golf or a round at the Mount Difficult golf course, or stroll along the wall at Lake Bellfield taking in the vista. You can also visit attractions such as Brambuk, the National Park and Cultural Centre, MOCO Art Gallery and see hand crafted wood furniture made from the local redgum at Grampians Furniture. Visit the region's wineries Fallen Giants Estate, sight-see Heatherlie Quarry Historic sites, or the largest privately owned regional zoo, Halls Gap Zoo.


Contact support if you have any questions via:


Start Times
21km run – 7.30am
12km run – 8:00am
6km run – 8:15am
6km walk – 8:20am

On Day Registrations: Are accepted between 4:00-6:00pm Saturday day prior to event or from 7:00am event day at the Halls Gap Centenary Hall, next to the Visitor Information Centre. Bring along family and friends! Cash only on day. Rainchecks, No refunds.

Take advantage of the discounted early bird rates by pre-registering online now. Early bird rates expire on Friday May 10

Race Number Pick Up (if pre-registered): Will be available at the Halls Gap Centenary Hall from 4:00pm to 6:00pm on the Saturday and again at 7:00am on event day. Simply line up in the queue that indicates the distance of your event. Note: race numbers will not be mailed out.

Assembly Area: Is located at the Halls Gap Parklands, opposite the Visitor Information Centre.

Start Line: Is located on School Road situated between Halls Gap Parklands, opposite the Visitor Information Centre and Halls Gap Caravan Park.

Finish Line: Is located at the Assembly Area, at Halls Gap Parklands.

Distance Changes: Please email your request to or call 0400 113 218 by 9:00am Friday May 10.

Results: Will be posted online by 6:00pm on Sunday May 26.

Participant Clothing: If you wish to drop off a bag or clothing whilst participating in the event, you may do so at the marquee marked Clothing Drop Off in the Parkland. Simply attach your clothing tear off from your event race bib. Please do not leave any valuables (RTG will not be liable for the replacement of any personal possessions lost or damaged).

Lost Property: Can be found at the marquee marked Clothing Drop off.

Public Toilets: Are located directly opposite the Halls Gap Centenary Hall in the parklands and on course for the 12km runners at Lake Bellfield.

Running Etiquette: keep to the left if walking or slower than other runners.
Note: There will also be general public (pedestrians and bike riders) using the course, so please be aware you are sharing the path and trails with others.

Traffic Management: Will be in place along the course.

Drink Stations: Will be located every 2-3km on course and at the Assembly Area plus just past the Finish Line in Parkland.

Presentations: The first three males and first three females in the 21km, 12km and 6km runs and the first across the line in the U15 categories will be presented with their medals on the morning at the assembly area. Placegetters will be awarded based on gun time and it is the responsibility of the participant to position themselves closest to the start line, should they believe they have a chance of placing in the event.

Mini Run The Gap "For the Little Ones": is for the younger members of the family who are too little to register for the big run or walk. Youngsters can participate in the Mini Run The Gap Circuit in the parkland just for fun after the main event and prior to presentations. Entry is on the day via a gold coin donation; a participation medal will be awarded to all competitors.

Medical Assistance: First Aid will be in attendance in the assembly area. If you have any medical issues, please advise one of the course marshals or drink station attendants.

Recommendations: a) Seek medical advice to ensure that you are fit to compete and this advice is obtained regularly and with the specific demands of this event in mind, and: b) Take appropriate steps to ensure that you are hydrated prior to, and during, the event.

Safety: No dogs, bicycles, scooters, or rollerblades are permitted. Running / Jogging type strollers are allowed however they should keep to the left of the course and at the back of the group. For the safety of all, walkers are asked not to walk more than two abreast. Please keep to the left of the path to allow runners to pass. You will be using public paths and trails, so please be mindful of other people not in the event.

Contingency: In the interest of participant safety, RTG reserves the right to alter the course without notice.


  1. Obey all Parks Victoria rules when in the Parks.
  2. The event will not proceed if there is a storm expected for the day.
  3. Leaving the Course. Entrants who leave the course during the event Eg: for toilet stop, getting lost or meeting up with support people; must re-enter the course at the point they left the course. Lost entrants may use any legal method to get back to the course, but must re-enter where they left and resume running from that point.
  4. Withdrawing from the race. Any entrant withdrawing from the race must notify race officials that they have done so. Mobile phone numbers will be provided on the map in the 21K trail event on participant bibs.
  5. Support Crew. Runners can have supporters meet them at some points on course with food, drink, Vaseline etc., so long as those supporters give way to runners, and obey all park rules. Do not use a mountain bike to support you as a runner as this risks you and other people. Don't even think about it.
  6. Obey the direction of Race Officials and Volunteers. Entrants ignoring marshals at road crossings will be immediately disqualified. Be courteous to all you encounter on the course. This includes all staff, volunteers, traffic controllers and other users of the trail.
  7. Entrants must help fellow runners in distress.
  8. 21K Entrants carrying own food, gel, compression bandage and device for carrying at least 500ml of fluids is strongly recommended (Camelbak, Fuelbelt, handheld bottles). Fuel / Aid stations may be up to 10km apart.
  9. Entrants must not leave rubbish on the course. Carry it with you to the next aid station and deposit it there if there is a bin. Otherwise; carry it in - carry it out.
  10. No I-pods, MP3 players etc. to be used. There are too many single track sections, some road crossings and other runners to be aware of.
  11. If you are even mildly asthmatic then a puffer is mandatory equipment.

Rubbish:We are fortunate to be allowed access to the trail to run our event, so please make sure you leave no trace of having been there. Take all rubbish with you or risk disqualification.